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Hearing Aids Style

A pair of suitable hearing aid device can significantly improve your hearing ability. Choosing your hearing aid devices is an art to combine your degree of hearing lost, lifestyle, personal preference, and, of course, the budget of hearing aid price. Where to get hearing aids then we ask ourselves. Here at Bay Audio we have a vast range of hearing aid options with our experienced clinicians that are always pleased and ready to help you decide the best option. You are encouraged and warmly welcome to see us for an appointment with regards to the health of your ears.

Hearing devices generally come in several styles in term of appearance. The highlights of each style are summarized as of below:

1 Open-Ear-Fitting (OEF)
Small hearing aids attached to a slim wire with receiver which directs sound into the ears.

    - Very comfortable and discreet
    - More natural sound with less occlusion
    - Chic and colorful appearance
    - Suitable to mild to moderate hearing lost
dte Behind-The-Ear (BTE)
Aids are housed in a curved shell sitting behind each ear to deliver sound through a tube into ear canal.

    - Larger amplification power to help mild to profound hearing loss
    - Bigger in size, easier to operate, especially for people has difficulty to
      handle small objects

    - Longer batteries life
ite2 In-The-Ear (ITE) / In-The-Canal (ITC)
Housed in a custom-made shell fitting comfortably in the outer ear or ear canal

    - Direct sound into ear to ensure optimum performance
    - Fit securely in outer ear for comfort
    - Easily handle
    - Suitable to mild and severe hearing loss
cic Completely-In-Canal (CIC)
Small hearing aids housed in the ear canal which allows sound going into the ears directly.

    - Almost invisible, suitable to customers with cosmetic concern
    - Simulate how sound goes into ear canal which gives a more natural 
      sound quality

    - Suitable to mild to moderately severe hearing loss

How digital hearing aids work?

In the past, hearing aids amplified sound, including unwanted noise, which made them annoying to users, discouraging them from retain living quality through a better hearing.

The introduction of digital technology of siemens hearing is a new page to hearing aids. A microphone on the aid receives sound, which is converted to electrical impulses afterwards. Impulses are analyzed instantly. Only selective frequency segments, as per degree of hearing loss of a user, will be converted to amplified sound waves. The technology improves sound quality while eliminating distortion at its best. In addition to that, digital technology allows smaller and multi-functional hearing aids which make siemens hearing devices more user-friendly and effective.