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About us

Hearing Solutions for Everyone

Since 1993 in New Zealand, Bay Audio has become the strongest team of hearing experts for anyone who happened to facing hearing challenges and difficulties. Founded by a group of audiologist, we believe that hearing solutions should not just be offered at cold clinics or hospitals, as it stigmatize hearing aids users as sufferers – not ordinary people who happened to have a hearing issue.

With that thought, Bay Audio’s innovative retail concept was thus born. Spanning over 70 stores all over Asia Pacific including Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia, Bay Audio aims at providing clients with professional services and helping them avoid frustrating long queues at clinics.

Bay Audio stores combine the very best in purpose-built consulting areas with the latest equipment and the most reputable audiologist. We committed to helping you discover a better quality of life by providing appropriate hearing solutions. At Bay Audio, you will receive nothing but unique experiences which includes:

Hearing Health

  • Unique touch-screen test as a quick hearing diagnosis by our audiologist
  • Convenient locations where our store are set closed to public transports or located in prominent shopping malls
  • Comprehensive clinical hearing test and hearing aids fitting
  • Introduction of digital technology for your better hearing
  • Audiologist Professional recommendation on hearing aids, based on your hearing test result, our understanding of  your life style, preference and budget

Hearing Aid Fitting

  • Tailor-made ear mold, hearing aids assembling and speedy maintenance services
  • 24-month interest-free instalment plan by selective credit card companies
  • Up to 24-month warranty service to ensure hearing aid’s stability and efficiency
  • Unlimited programming service, free of charge, aimed at optimizing your hearing aids to your hearing challenge
  • Complimentary annual hearing check and consultation by our audiologist